We have puppies :-)

30/12/2017 17:48

Just after Christmas time - 27.12.2017 - Alainn gave a birth to three puppies - 2 black&tan na one ruby girls :-)
Alainn did a great job and her girls are as clever as their mum
Parents of the perspective mating are:
Hocus Pocus of Woodville (RU) (o: Carham Bande Original, m: Desenchentee of Woodville) - auscultation, eyes, patella, EFS/CC DNA tests, syringomielie - all clear
Alainn Prima Petulenka (BT) (o. Volney Bonanza, m: Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna) - auscultation + doppler, eyes, patella, EFS/CC DNA tests - all clear
Hocus Pocus of Woodville