3.3.2018 - Violeta - mating

06/03/2018 14:43

On Saturday, March 3rd 2018 we mated my be loved BH girl Letty by tricolor boy Yankee Terno z Kamilkove zahrady.

Both of them really enjoyed it, so we hope to welcome in our world blenheim and/or tricolor pupies first week in May :-)

If you would like to have more info about Letty (pedigree, health tests), you can find them here: Violeta Terno z Kamilkove zahrady and more about father you can find here: novofundland-ji.com/index.php/nasi-psi-kavaliri.html#best-of-junior-champion-cz-yankee-terno-z-kamilkove-zahrady