Litter *C* Prima - DOB 11/19/2014

Sire: GrandCh CZ Turretbank Triberry (TR, import UK, health tests: heart 2014 - clear, DNA EFS/CC - clear, patella 0/0, DOV - negativ) - more info you can find on: a 

Dam: Ch CZ Violeta Terno z Kamilkove zahrary (BH, health tests: heart: hearing 2014 - clear, RTG, EKG, sono, doppler 12/2013 - clear, DNA EFS/CC - clear, patella 0/1, DOV - negativ) - for more info, please see: Violeta Terno z Kamilkové zahrady

Camo Prima Petulenka - BH boy - living in Jirny near Prague
Cedric Prima Petulenka - TR boy - living in Prague 5
Carra Prima Petulenka - BH girl - reserved
Casia Prima Petulenka - TR girl - living in Brno

Pedigree of litter *C*  
Turretbank Triberry Angel´s Pride Gentleman
Heart, eyes, patella, DNA tests, syringomielie - clear
Maibe Make Believe
Angel´s Pride Anastacia
Rockin´ Rebels Cameo at Turretbank Juci Bacardi Rigo 
Heart, eyes, patella, DNA tests, syringomielie - clear
Turretbank Tanica
Violeta Terno z Kamilkove zahrady Phoenix Terno z Kamilkove zahrady
Heart, patella, DNA tests - clear
Vouges Kennedy
Heart, eyes, patella - clear
Naomi Nike z Krasne Gladys
Dolly Terno z Kamilkove zahrady Anncourt Teddy Bear
Heart, eyes, patella - clear
Wichita Boom z Kamilkove zahrady

4.12. ... all pupies and Letty got antiworm paste - they really do not like Bahnmint :-) and all made very funny faces :-), if they would know how to give this gift back to me, they would do it :-). And all babies already opened eyes, incl. Carra.

29.11. All puppies are doing very well and growing nicely - today evening weights: BH girl Carra Prima got over 200 grams! (204g), BH boy Camo Prima 415g, TR boy Cedric Prima - the bigest one - 445g and TR girl Casia Prima 428g. Letty is taking carre about them with patience and I am very proud of her and her babies, of course, too!

24.11. Lettynka has to nourish cream, otherwise puppies could not increase their weight so fast - today afternoon weights: BH boy (279 g), BH girl (139 g)!!!, TR boy (289 g) a TR girl (280 g). The smallest blenheim girl, my lovely fighter, put on weight the most - 66%! That is perfect! I hope she will go ahead same way.

22.11. Lettynka is always hungry, but willing to eat only when she smells meat from her plate - she wants only the best for babies :-). Today evening weights: BH boy (227 g), BH girl (123 g), TR boy (244 g) a TR girl (224 g).

21.11. I have weighted them in the morning: BH boy (188 g), BH girl (105 g), TR boy (202 g) a TR girl (182 g). I am very happy.

19.11.2014 - Lettynka gave a birth to 4 puppies in the evening - 1 blenheim dog (171 g), 1 blenheim bitch (92 g), 1 tricolor dog (181g) 1 tricolor bitch (151 g). It was for her for a first time and she did great job, I am very very proud of her! All puppies are sprightly including the smallest one blenheim girl, who is fighting for her space on the world from the first second.


Fotogalerie: Litter *C* Prima

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