Litter *B* Prima

Sire: Clopsville Breezer - import UK (all health tests negative - EFS/CC, DOV, MVD, patellas)

Dam: Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna (all health tests negative -  EFS/CC, DOV, MVD, patellas)

Breez Prima Petulenka (BH pejsek) - lives in Novy Bor (CZ)

Bellany Prima Petulenka (BH fenka) lives in Bradlec near Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

Backie Prima Petulenka (TR fenečka) lives in Prague (CZ)

June 10th 2014 in noon time Tesinka gave a birth to three puppies - 1 blenheim dog (258 g), 1 blenheim bitch (294 g) a 1 tricolor bitch (260 g). It was really hard work for her and I am so much proud of her. All pupies are alive and kicking and fill out. They have beautifully marked coats and sweet heads - it will be dilemma which girls will stay at home :-)  

June 12th - all puppies are over 300 grams :-).

June 15th - puppies have names - Breez Prima Petulenka (BH doggie), Bellany Prima Petulenka (BH bitch), Backie Prima Petulenka (TR bitch).

June 20th - both girls - Bellany and Backie are reserved, doggie Breez is avaliable yet.

Pedigree litter *B*  
Clopsville Breezer Aranel Maveric Aranel Cosmic
Aranel Nutmeg
Clopsville Sea Breeze Pascavale Jamie
Clopsville Rioja
Tesalona ze Zámku Lešná Madeinoz Elvenhome (SM neg.) Elvenhome Daretoimagin (SM neg.)
Elvenhome Maidov Horn (SM neg.)
Pinky Point ze Zámku Lešná Montek Magic ze Zámku Lešná
Norma Jean ze Zámku Lešná


Fotogalerie: Litter *B* Prima

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