Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna

* 17.12.2009 - Czech Grand champion

+ 9.10.2014Tesinka died after month long fight, she was so much courageous. We all miss you every minute, our sweet tricolor sunshine! We will never forgot! 

Sir: Madeinoz Elvenhome (import Australia) - MVD, DOV, patella, SM - clear in almost 6 years

Dam: Pinky Point ze Zamku Lesna - MVD, DOV, patella, EFS/CC - clear in almost 6 years

Health tests:

MVD: 6/2011, 3/2012, 3/2013, 3/2014 - clear
Patella - 0/0
DOV - 2011 clear
DNA tests: Episodic Falling Syndrom - clear
                Curly coat, dry eye syndrome - clear

Club show (CZ) - 28. 5. 2011 under Jane Bowdler (Kennel TTIWEH)

Junior class - Excellen 2 - Very happy bitch with lot of quality, beautiful ears, excellent head, good all around.

Pedigree Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna  
Madeinoz Elvenhome,
Ch CZ (SM neg.)
Elvenhome Daremoimagin (SM neg.) Elvenhome Bristol, Ch AUS Elvenhome Gideon
Elvenhome Cheriblosm, Ch AUS
Elvenhome Imagination, Ch AUS Elvenhome Offiah E.T., Ch AUS
Turnagain Classic Image
Elvenhome Maidov Horn, Ch AUS (SM neg.) Elvenhome Finlandia, C.I.B. Deeriem Thelonius of Anncourt, Inter Ch
Elvenhome Charmeuse, Ch AUS
Elvenhome Horn N Glory, Ch AUS Prestonville Dream On
Elvenhome Glory Bee, Ch AUS
Pinky Point ze Zamku Lesna
Montek Magic ze Zamku Lesna, Ch CZ Helandros Ivanhoe Hurleaze Party Boy, Ch EST
Helandros Welch Princes, Baltic Ch
Chantiz ze Zamku Lesna Pascvale Designed,    Ch S
Elisha ze Zamku Lesna
Norma Jean ze Zamku Lesna Nabuco Trie Biely Demon, C.I.B. Movie Star Immenhof´s, C.I.B.
Naileen Biely Demon
Jamie-Lee ze Zamku Lesna Rockell de Castelburry, C.I.B.
Elisha ze Zamku Lesna


Gallery: Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna

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