Alainn Prima Petulenka

* 15.6.2013 - Grand Champiion, Champion and Junior champion CZ

Sire: Grch. Volney Bonanza (import UK) - MVD, DOV, EFS/CC - clear in 9 years
Dam: GrCh. Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna - MVD, DOV, EFS/CC, patella - clear in 4,3  years

Health tests:
DNA testy: Episodic Falling Syndrom - clear, Curly coat, dry eye syndrome - clear
Patella: 0/0
Eyes: clear - 2014, 11/2016, 6/2018
MVD: auscultation - 3/2015, 4/2017 clear
         EKG, sono, doppler - 11/2015, 4/2017 - clear

Club and Special show - 17. - 18. 5. 2014 under Tina and Denis Homes (Kennel Leogem, UK)

Alainn Prima Petulenka - junior class - Excellent 3 - Very pretty head, lovely eyes, very good ears set, good topline, moves quite well.

Alainn Prima Petulenka - junior class - Excellent 2 - Very pretty femine head, but would prefer slightly darker tan, good consruction, moves well, has a slightly steep croup, but still holds tail correctly on move.

Thank you judges for very nice results and to show organizers and friends for very pleasant show weekend. I enjoyed it very much and I am really very proud of my beloved girls.

Pedigree Alainn Prima Petulenka  
Volney Bonanza, GrandCh CZ Pascavale Stanley Pascavale Enchanted, Ch GB Tameline Northern Dancer, Ch GB
Britannia of Pascavale, Ch GB
Pascavale Jubilee Pascavale Austin
Pascavale Serenada
Volney Margarita Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa Myhope Fever, Ch GB
Juzandia Hot Stuff
Volney Sarah Harana Smokey joe
Volney Ruby Rosa
Tesalona ze Zamku Lesna, Grand Ch CZ Madeinoz Elvenhome, Ch CZ, (SM neg.) Elvenhome Daretoimagin (SM neg.) Elvenhome Bristol, Ch AUS
Elvenhome Imagination, Ch AUS
Elvenhome Maidov Horn, Ch AUS, (SM neg.) Elvenhome Finlandia, C.I.B.
Elvenhome Horn N Glory, Ch. AUS
Pinky Point ze Zamku Lesna Montek Magic ze Zamku Lesna, Ch CZ Helandros Ivanhoe
Chantiz ze Zamku Lesna
Norma Jean ze Zamku Lesna Nabuco Tries Biely demon, C.I.B.
Jamie-Lee ze Zamku Lesna


Gallery: Alainn Prima Petulenka

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